Dproto 0.9.356

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  • 13.01.2014 в 01:37
  • BaCeK
- Added support of upcoming voice transcoding module 
- Better HLTV client handling to prevent banning. 
- Increased sprite replacer storage capacity. Should prevent "Running out of free nodes" server error. 
- Security fixes and improvments. Closed one more way of lag out the server. 
- Fallback to the server realtime on Windows if there is no QPC. 
- Fixed missing skip for bots in fake players check. 
- Fixed amxx kick for slot reservation. 
- Fixed server-side game bots identification. 
- Clearing entity flags on disconnect. This fixes bug when client identified as bot if connects on slot previously occupied by a bot. (Thanks to Turanga_Leela) 
- Added support for latest HLDS builds 
- If EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1, then sXe Injected is used for the generation of SteamID for everyone except steam clients. 
- cid_SXEI works correctly now, and it is only used if EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1. 
- Added support of RevEmu2013 clients. 
- Added dp_rejmsg_sxei and dp_rejmsg_revemu2013 cvars. 
- AMXX plugins were updated and now include support for SXEI and RevEmu2013. 
- Removed messages like: Unable to load strings pool from file './cstrike/estrpool/estrpool_main.dat'. 
- Added fixes for flood with commands like 'new', 'dlfile', 'sendres', 'fullupdate'. 
- Check for initial commands order on connect. New FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck config option. 
- Added checking of requested downloads against precached resources. New Exploits_CheckDownloads config option. 
- Added block of file uploads to the server. Added Exploits_DisableUploads config option. 
- Ban for repeating connection attempts from same IP. 
- Ban for violations in connection protocol. 
- Send VoiceInit on new server builds (initializes voice for old clients) (thanks to Chuvi). 
- Fixed average PPS calculation. This solves problem with HLSW. 
- Loading steam server ID and version from steam.inf and steam_appid.txt files. 
- Fixed server info answer: setting proper steam server ID, version, bots count, correct lock status when password set to "none". 
- Fixed steam ID generation function to return "BOT" for bots. 
- Fixed AY&SY and svc_bad error on new Linux builds. 
- Refactored IPRateFilter to not block HLSW.
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